The Reasons Of Gaining Weight

The Reasons of Gaining Weight


Many antidepressant medications cause weight gain. If you are depressed and taking pills for, expect to gain weight between 5 and 15 pounds, with continued gradual increase over the years. If you are not taking pills, there is evidence that depression may lead to weight gain.

Slow Gut 

Digestive problems, such as a sluggish bowel, can also cause excess pounds. Normally, 1 hour later you eat, you will have a gut movement. But once or twice a day is still in the healthy rangeIf constipation is your only symptom, then try probiotics help your digestive tract work properly. Staying hydrated is key, along with a diet full of fiber rich foods.

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Being low in magnesium, iron or vitamin D deficiency can compromise your immune system, sap change your energy,or your metabolism in ways that make it harder to take steps to a healthy lifestyle. You can use caffeine for low power consumption. While you can try to increase your iron by eating red meat and spinach and increase magnesium by eating nuts and almonds, but it is almost impossible to have enough milk or get enough sunlight to compensate for low vitamin D. It is important to note that it may take a while to find the right dose of vitamin D.

Cushing's Syndrome

Weight gain associated with high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and changes in your skin tone and quality, a sign that your body is not processing nutrients as it should, due to its a cortisol-producing tumor on one of the adrenal glands. If you suspect that you are gaining weight that you can not attribute to your diet, medication, or lack of exercise, a few tests, including a blood test and urinalysis, to get an accurate control of cortisol levels in your body, will give your doctor the first indications of this condition.

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